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The updates below reflect our best understanding of the situation for major Planning & Development Projects in our wider area

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MCA STEAMER POINT DEVELOPMENT – to ensure sympathetic development


ROESHOT HILL GRAVEL EXTRACTION - effect on road transport

Approval was given to extract 3 million tonnes of gravel from the 77 Hectare Meyrick Estates owned site, which would take approx 14 to 16 years with a 4 year restoration project following.
Estimates are for 120 lorry movements per day, and operations running from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 7am to 12:30 on Saturday. It is unknown as yet when this project will get underway. The Hampshire Planning Portal has information, but no start date is given.

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Dump Trucks

We are pleased that, despite many refusals, appeals and reapplications, the proposal for 26 dwellings and a large block of flats has been comprehensively refused. 
We understand Pennyfarthing are now looking at further alternatives to redevelop the site. 
Also, the recent application 8/22/0763/TPPO to fell 17 trees and prune others has received 11 objections and is under consideration by the BCP tree officer.

The action committee will continue to work to ensure a more sympathetic development.

BUILDING DEVELOPMENT - impact on infrastructure


1. Work is in hand (November / December 2022) by Avon Beach Company to replace the existing timber coffee hut and decking, and replace with a more modern, slightly larger design. There is a small repositioning of the hut to increase space and utility for pedestrians on the promenade.

2. For beach huts, the approved extension work for huts 23 to 62 is underway and likely to finish by January 2023.

A major development by Taylor Wimpey of 875 dwellings was approved under an outline application in 2017.
Access to the site will be from both the A35 bypass and Lyndhurst Rd.
There are numerous reserved matters that will require consideration as well as approval of detailed planning for the site.

Click pic for link to Taylor Wimpey website for RoeShot Hill

Beach House Café (Mudeford Spit)

Jesmond Wood

The latest application to build 16 homes on this green space with huge loss of trees was refused by BCP planning committee on 15th December.

This has been a long running story with several schemes submitted and refused.

The recent application to rebuild the previously destroyed café was approved on 15th December. This is a much lower profile building than previously submitted and will replace the temporary shipping containers that have been housing services since the fire.

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