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News & Initiatives

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If you require more information on any issue, then please contact us on

Parking Work Group

A Residents’ Work Group (WG) has been running since March 2021 to provide positive input to a BCP-led study into parking issues for Friars Cliff. The safety based TRO has now been implemented with the result that our roads are much safer. The group will continue to monitor and suggest any further improvements to BCP. Click on pic for more info


Small Grant Allocations

The list of Small Grant causes supported has recently included:

1. 2020: £250 grant to Mudeford Lifeboat (RNLI). This emerged from RNLI fund raising difficulties due to Covid.

2. 2021: Replace essential defibrillator parts for defibrillator at Beach Hut Café. Costs shared between FCRA and the local Beach Hut Owners Association.


Tree Plantings

After joint surveys between our FCRA Environment Rep., BCP and local environmental groups, BCP is now planting trees around Friars Cliff in various dormant tree pits alongside roads. We very much welcome this.

If you have a new tree near you, please help it survive by giving it a periodic drink of water, especially through the summer.


Neighbourhood Plan
Click pic for link

Christchurch neighbourhood plan team are progressing the plan based on residents feedback via the recent survey. We will post updates as they become available

ctc np 1.JPG

'The Green' Preservation

The Friars Cliff Hinterland (the green behind the Beach Hut Café) was purchased by Christchurch Council from the MoD in 1983 for use as an open space and two car parks. BCP are currently reviewing their strategic investments and so we are monitoring potential changes in policy and / or changes of use. This is to ensure that all Friars Cliff Open Spaces and Car Parks are properly utilised and protected.

The Green.png

Local Plan
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BCP is developing it's area-wide Local Plan that provides a framework of policies and site allocations to guide development over the next 20 years. This will help BCP meet needs for new homes, jobs, infrastructure and other supporting services. FCRA is closely following this.

BCP Seafront.JPG

All Saints Church, Mudeford

FCRA is shocked by the devastating fire at All Saints Church, Mudeford, earlier this summer. For over 100 years it has been a real hub for the local community, and FCRA stands ready to support its reinstatement. Once rebuild plans are known, FCRA members will be consulted on how this support can be best provided.


Anti-Social Behaviour at 'The Green'

We are concerned that each summer there is extensive anti-social behaviour and vandalism at 'The Green' next to Steamer Point, and also in the public toilets and nearby shelter. FCRA has engaged on this with local PCSOs, their superiors, and the Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner. We are not satisfied with the response to date, and are continuing to engage on this important issue.


NCI Coastguard Station at Friars Cliff beach

You may have been made aware of a National Coastwatch (NCI) station being sited at Friars Cliff. FCRA are engaged with BCP and NCI on this, and we do have a working group set up as this was discussed at the AGM with the various options, and we will provide further updates in due course.

MCA Action Group

There have been multiple planning applications by the developer, with each in turn being rejected. The MCA Action Group continues to monitor and challenge inappropriate overdevelopment of the site.


FCRA Heritage Assets

An extensive study has completed and uploaded to BCP in April 2022 listing all Heritage Assets across Friars Cliff. This is for inclusion in the national ongoing Heritage Asset project.

In addition, there is now a new BCP-led heritage project to establish an ADRDE/SRDE memorial at Steamer Point. Please contact us if you would like to be involved in this. 


Flora & Fauna Surveys

Flora and Fauna surveys are ongoing with a view to record the local environmental 'scene'.

thumbnail_image0 (1)_edited.jpg

Beach Clean / Litter Picking
Click pic for link

A number of groups conduct periodic beach cleans and litter picks along our beaches and footpaths. We very much appreciate the environmental improvement this achieves. 'Seashorty' is a popular local group who conduct regular beach cleans throughout the year. See the link below for times and meeting points.


Water Quality & Excessive Seaweed
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The FCRA has investigated the situation regarding water pollution in our area. We have a campaign position for:

1. Increased frequency of water testing, year round.

2. Testing for a wider range of harmful pollutants.

3. Resolving the seaweed build up and noxious smell that occasionally originates at Gundimore Beach.


Southcliffe Road Car Park

BCP have identified the Southcliffe Road car park as a potential re-development site for housing. Given the problems with lack of suitable parking in our area FCRA will actively challenge any move to develop the site for housing, and would prefer the site to have an all year round parking facility. Work is ongoing on this through the Parking & Road Safety Work Group

Southcliffe Rd.JPG

Large Cracks in Steamer Point Path

Cracks have appeared in the path through Steamer Point and into the Nature Reserve. We are working closely with local councillors and BCP to investigate  the cause of this. The surveyors have carried out investigations and found the cracks are due to normal ageing and are not of concern. The drainage from SPNR ponds was proved to be working and exiting the wave wall as proven through dye tracing.


Beach-Side Improvements

BCP's Seafront Services will shortly be undertaking a refit of the toilet block on the Green. Temporary toilets will be provided when this work starts on April 17th. BCP will also be undertaking the cleaning in house rather than via contractors, so we should see some improvements.

We are also working with BCP on plans to replace our dilapidated shelter.

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