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Preservation of Friars Cliff Open Spaces

  • Friars Cliff Open Spaces are under threat.

  • It is ESSENTIAL that the correct 'Space' designations are obtained (Local Green Space / Civic & Amenity Space etc) so that the NEIGHBOURHOOD and LOCAL PLANS (currently being developed in 2022/23) contain the right protections. This will help preserve our spaces and protect against possible unwelcome developments.

  • To underpin this FCRA conducted, in Summer, 2022, an extensive consultation and area-wide survey to better understand public opinion on the use of the spaces. The consultation achieved over 400 survey responses, which is quite outstanding considering the size of area. The data has been analysed and provided to the Christchurch Neighbourhood Plan Work Group. In addition, FCRA will use the data as evidence of public usage and opinion should BCP consider future development of any of the sites. 

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