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Parking & Road Safety Brief

TRO proposal P19 2022 has passed the public consultation and approvals phases, and cross-area roll-out will happen in November / December 2022. FCRA, and the Parking Work Group, strongly endorses the proposal. Please note however that this is an ongoing activity and, once the roll-out is complete, there will be further long term monitoring and review by the Parking Work Group. BCP has agreed to work with us on this.

Key features of the proposal are:

  • Double Yellow Lines (DYLs) around most road junctions between Bure Lane and the seafront, and additional DYLs in significant safety related pinch-points around the sea-end of Seaway Avenue and Avon Run Road

  • ‘No Loading/Unloading’ and other restrictions where appropriate

  • Note: The LARGE MAJORITY of existing Single Yellow Lines will remain UNCHANGED, along with their Summertime parking restrictions

  • The FCRA Committee and 'Parking & Road Safety' Work Group support the proposal because it will create significant safety improvements for RESIDENTS AND VISITORS ALIKE

  • All drawings are available to view on the BCP web-site

  • For further details please click on the links below


Background Brief

This briefing explains the background to the present TRO, and the reasons why it is so important for Parking and Road Safety


BCP Public Consultation

Public Consultation completed - results and way forward are awaited.

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