APOLOGIES: Cllr Trevor Watts; Charles Clark; Jan Peters

PRESENT: Marianne Abley, Sandra Price, Patricia Whiffen, Lyn Lever and Cllrs Claire Bath; Paul Hilliard; Lesley Dedham and Speakers Richard Jones Community Governance; Wilbert Smith Beacons of Light; Daniel Jupp Mudeford Sea Scouting Group.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes were approved by Patricia Whiffen and seconded by Sandra Price.

CHAIRMAN WELCOME: Marianne welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending, and advised that there was a lot on the Agenda however she would ensure that the meeting finished before 22.00 hours.

Marianne acknowledged the very good feedback on the Forum. Residents’ feedback is that they are very happy with the articles and really appreciate the new colour format.

SPEAKER: RICHARD JONES – COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE: Richard gave a very good comprehensive summary on what is a Community Governance Review. He explained that it was mechanism for the Borough Council to review and put in place or make changes to Governance arrangements at a community level within the area so this would have an impact on local Residents Associations.

Periodic review of Governance arrangements are recommended every 10-15 years, which is overdue at Christchurch and partly in response to Secretary of State’s decision on Local Government review.  This will cover the whole of Christchurch Borough and at present there are two parishes that exist (Hurn and Burton). The changes that can be made are creating, merging and abolishing parishes, grouping parishes under a common council. Parish Councils will have elected meetings in Public.

Burton Parish that exists has 10 elected representatives and Winkton will be renamed as Burton and Winkton Parish Council and Hurn will remain as existing Parish.

Highcliffe and Walkford currently are unparished, and wish to create a new parish, and to be known as Neighbourhood Council.

Mudeford and Stanpit wish to be Community Council, which would include Mudeford Quay, Friars Cliff, Mudeford Wood and Stanpit Marsh. It has been put forward that this be named Friars Cliff, Mudeford and Stanpit Community Council.

The remaining area of Christchurch would include Grange, St Catherine’s and Jumpers and Priory would be known as Christchurch Town Council.

Richard stated that Consultation on Draft recommendations needed to be completed by midnight 20 July 2018 by or paper response form or email. Richard hopes that residents will have participate in the consultation on the draft recommendation.

SPEAKER WILBERT SMITH – COMMUNITY LEISURE TEAM: Wilbert presented and answered questions on the Beacons of Light (2018 Royal British Legion). There will be 1000 Beacons across the Commonwealth. In Christchurch this will take place on 11 November Remembrance Day at 18.45, with lighting of the Beacons start at 19.00, and the bells will ring for 90 minutes in remembrance of the people involved in the war.

Wilbert will be going to all schools to explain what is happening and to encourage people to attend.

MATTERS ARISING: Traffic and parking on Avon Run Road and other local roads close to the coast both winter and summer are still causing problems and safety issues.

The Noisy Lobster is applying for Condition 4 of the planning approval for the first floor extension to be removed. Residents expressed their disappointment that approval had been given with only 4 members voting for agreement and three against the extension. It was felt strongly by Residents that as Condition 4 had been agreed by Members and Officers and was in line with Environmental Policies that the application to remove this should be refused. Residents stated that the effect of not to complying with the agreed planning condition of closed fixed panes triple glass windows and doors would be very detrimental not just to Residents but also to the thousands of visitors who enjoy the beach and the coastal pathway just behind the café which is used by many. as per the agreement to the extension. Darrian Naraine is dealing with this.

Residents discussed with local Councillors that the Wedding Marque on the public beach caused several problems starting very early in the morning with commercial lorries turning up and erecting the fencing then after the event taking down the fencing around the marque. It was noted that several cameras were put up and some Residents asked if this was legal on a public beach. Residents also raised health and safety questions around this event. CBC had written to Residents who had queried the event taking place stating that this was a one off family wedding and that the Council was aware of the impact on the local area and the concerns raised.

Just after the Avon Beach promenade works were finished Residents had highlighted to CBC the issues of cars travelling on the promenade and the potential safety issues to pedestrians.  CBC discussed this with the Tenant of the Noisy Lobster and a Risk Assessment was produced.  It is understood that the Tenant will implement a similar scheme to that in other coastline areas with beach huts where limited access is permitted to hut users between certain hours.

SPEAKER DANIEL JUPP:  Daniel Jupp (14 years of age) has been selected to attend the 24th World Scout Jamboree in the summer of 2019 in West Virginia USA. Daniel is a Neptune Explorer based at Mudeford Scout Hut and a Young Leader with the Mudeford Beavers which he attended himself from the age of 6years.

To attend the World Scout Jamboree Daniel has to raise £3600 to fund his own place and to subsidise the place of a Scout from the developing world. An important part of his journey to the Jamboree is raising the profile of the Scouts, and communicating the opportunities that Scouts offer young people and the work they do more generally.

Daniel has lived in Friars Cliff all his life and Residents were keen that FCRA provide a donation to support him on his journey.

A.O.B. Some Residents understood that the outline planning permission for development of the MCA site runs out in August however there are no interested parties.

The Pinebeach Nursing Home site will start developing in February 2019 and it is understood that there is already much interest from potential purchasers.

Meeting closed 21.50 Attendance: 22 Residents; 4 Committee members; 3 Councillors; 3 Speakers

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