At All Saints Church Hall, Mudeford

PRESENT: Cllrs Paul Hilliard, Claire Bath, Trevor Watts, Lesley Dedman. Committee: Marianne Abley, Charles Clark, Patricia Whiffen and Lyn Lever.

APOLOGIES: Sandra Price, Mike Stannard, Jan Peters.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes were approved by Peter Gardiner and seconded by Liz Gardiner.

CHAIRMAN’S WELCOME: Marianne welcomed everyone to the meeting and advised there would be mince pies and glass of wine in the break.

Councillors Claire Bath and Trevor Watts would be leaving early and we would go straight to council matters so residents could raise any questions.

COUNCILLORS: Regarding the proposed restructure of the local councils in Dorset Claire Bath reported that there was a split of thinking with some councillors including her and Trevor in favour of joining with Bournemouth and Poole. Paul and Lesley have different views so there is a 50/50 split in our local Councillors on the possible merger. However all Councillors recognise that there are concerns about money and local representation.

Christchurch Borough Council has agreed to conduct a Community Governance Review of the whole borough, which will bring opportunities to review and put in place or make changes to arrangements and structures at parish level. Residents were advised to look at Wimborne Council structure to see how Parish Councils can work as it is believed they are a good example. Councillors also advised residents to look at the website or ask for help to understand the process.

At the moment out of the nine councils in Dorset only three have agreed to the review. The formal invitation for initial submissions to Christchurch commences on 2 January 2018 and will run for an 8 week period to 23 February 2018. Residents’ Associations will be included in briefing sessions.

PROMENADE/ZIG ZAG: Concerns were expressed about the need and the cost for the coastal protection scheme at Avon Beach, as it is understood that the tenders are coming in much higher. Some residents strongly voiced a preference for monies to be spent on the Zig Zag Path and Regent schemes. Claire Bath has asked for answers about the Zig Zag Path and it is being looked at again to reconsider the amount of money available.

PARKING The winter car park charge increase to 50p a day has caused parking problems on the roads. As anticipated people are parking for free on the local roads. Concerns were expressed about possible problems for the emergency services caused by restricted access and obstructions.

Speaker: DAN WILSON, WINDSURFER:  Dan gave an excellent presentation explaining how his sister Emma who is 18 years old is 10th in the world and he is 42nd. Emma has 3 world titles in Junior and Youth windsurfing. They are both local youths and their mother is Penny Way, Olympic World windsurfer. Penny is a legend as she became the Women’s World Racing Champion in 1986 and won again in 1990 and 1991.

Dan and Emma are busy training for the Olympics in 2020 and trials will start in January 2018 in Miami, it will be the first time that a brother and sister will compete.

Dan and Emma will need £5000 in Sponsorship to help them to compete, at present their family have supported them and Watt-bike. Marianne suggested that the Committee would look at helping them.

MATTERS ARISING: FCRA Patricia Whiffen asked for a volunteer to be road warden for Southcliffe Road, at present Marianne is delivering them on temporary basis. Marianne expressed her thanks to Jan Peters who could not be present for all her work on the Forum. We have had very good feedback on the new colour Forum. We still need someone on the Committee to run the social side and at present we have other vacancies so residents were asked to come forward.  Lyn Lever ran the last Quiz at Highcliffe Golf Club which was a great success and would like to book another one, but new people are needed to run it.

PLANNING: With reference to the MCA site Marianne had made enquiries and it appears that there are interested parties with a closing date of 8 December from the selling agent for bids then the MCA will take it forward.

Christchurch Life Saving Club has put in plans to rebuild and Alastair Scott, Club Captain, spoke saying that they needed a dry changing area, wet area, meeting room and storage that is secure. The Beach Hut cafe has also applied to extend their kitchen.

The Pine Beach Nursing Home site has gone to Appeal and the decision is awaited.

The Avon Beach Café- Noisy Lobster has put in another application, to the consternation of local residents: there are over 100 objections from the public to this further application and it will go to Planning Committee in the New Year. Residents highlighted several ongoing issues regarding the management of Avon Beach Café. Councillor Paul Hilliard suggested feeding in complaints about the licencing and the Council will look at it again before a licence is issued

LOCAL TRAFFIC AND PARKING: Jonathan Ross Engineering and Car Parks Manager at CBC have had a number of discussions with Dorset CC colleagues regarding TROs (yellow lines) in Friars Cliff/Avon Beach area including the points raised in our Quarterly meeting of 8 Sept 2017. They must get a working group then an informal group this could take about 2-3 years to action for financial restraints. Marianne agreed that we would discuss this at our next public meeting.

A.O.B: It wasagreed that the local Ward Surgery be held before our Quarterly meetings starting at 7.00 to 7.30, and for this to commence after the 2 March 2018 meeting AGM.

Meeting closed 21.00

Residents attended 46     Councillors 3, Committee 4.

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