FCRA Minutes August 2021

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Agreed and signed-off.

MATTERS ARISING/UPDATE ON ACTIONS: One main action is in hand from the last Open/AGM meeting on parking – see page 15.


Our PCSOs were unable to attend this meeting but would like to encourage residents to report any ongoing Anti-Social Behaviour incidents. Police are aware of issues at the Cliffhanger, Steamer Point, Mudeford Wood etc, but often these are not properly reported.

It is appreciated that calling 101 can be frustrating at the moment, but if incidents are reported (through 101 or online) then police will have an idea of the severity of the issues, and times/days when problems happen. If you wish to report anything online please click the ‘Do it online’ link at www.dorset.police.uk

Finally, PCSOs remind residents to remain vigilant and ensure that your home and personal security does not become lapse. We live in a very safe area however opportunist thieves are everywhere and will take advantage of an open window or an unlocked car.


SRDE: Louise is investigating the history of the Signals Research & Development Establishment (SRDE) so that more information can potentially become available, and has sourced some film reels of the site. Efforts are in hand to find a way to digitise these, possibly with funding assistance elsewhere.

Future Project: Jeff indicated that BCP supports exotic schemes, and some discussion was held about a possible beach boardwalk and grass planting scheme between Steamer Point and Highcliffe (joining the prom wall to the gravel path). This topic will be explored further.

Trees: An outside meeting was held with Jeff Tinney (BCP Tree Officer), Cllr Paul Hilliard and Matt Sheard (Local Resident) on 12 May to identify suitable tree pits and plantings. This work is ongoing and making very good progress. The following areas have been provisionally identified for improvement:

  1. Island View Avenue, Bure Haven Drive – empty tree pits. Seafield Road – verges.
    2. Potential for hedging (where gaps) and tree planting Southcliffe Road Car Park & Avon Run Road Car Park.

Plants: A survey has been undertaken into local rare plant life. This will soon be uploaded onto our website.

Litter: Kelly Ager is liaising with Highcliffe School regarding getting students and staff actively involved as volunteers (Potentially for DoE and community projects).

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: (Feb 2022 with celebrations in June 2022) – ideas are being developed to do something on behalf of our area, perhaps with local councillor involvement.

Avon Run Rd tree stumps: Stumps could be carved to improve the look of the area. The committee is looking into this but Cllr Paul advised that experience at 2RM Meadows suggests the stumps may not be suitable for carving due to high sap levels. However, seating is possible and is being investigated.

Steve Alves thanked Louise for taking all this forward, and to all those supporting these great environmental initiatives. 


Steve explained that we have just taken on two new Road Wardens to fill gaps so we now have full RW coverage. Also Sarah Webb will shortly take over as Head Road Warden, so all is looking good.


Steve identified that the only small grant recently provided was for the Mudeford RNLI in 2020. Further details on applying for a grant are on page 10.


Steve has contacted the Town Clerk regarding local plans, and requested that Friars Cliff, as a ‘Character Area’, should be adopted into the new Neighbourhood Plan. The Town Clerk agreed to provide this information to the NP Team.


Jan Peters stated there are tow-away zone signs in the area but no tow-away vehicles had been seen providing enforcement. Cllr Paul stated that last year vehicles were towed away but the trucks are in very high demand across BCP and it is difficult to get them into the area.Meg Ward asked about cyclists on the promenade who appeared to be ignoring the new signs erected by BCP, and whether the signs had legality. Cllr Paul explained that the signs were advisory only and difficult to enforce.


Upcoming FCRA Open Meeting dates (via Zoom) are 3rd September and 3rd Dec. See page 21 for details.


Steve thanked all for attending this Zoom meeting, and stated how encouraging it was that vacant committee posts have been filled, and that so many residents are actively involved with the various Work Groups etc.



The association has updated the procedure for awarding Small Grants from central funds. A brief outline is:

What Is Funded? Individual items, events or activities that benefit the local area, community or individuals. For example a defibrillator, sporting equipment or travel grants to support young people’s personal development. Also events or activities that help combat poverty, loneliness or accessibility. The scheme does not support (1) Charities having operational surpluses/unrestricted reserves (2) School PTAs (3) Friendship Groups (4) Multi-Year Applications. 

How Much Can You Apply For, and when? The FCRA allocates up to £1000 per annum, comprising individual grants of up to £250. Please give good notice for applications. Once granted, the pledged offer is valid for up to 12 months.

Who Can Apply? Permanent residents.How To Apply? Details and an application form are at: http://www.friarscliff.uk/home/about-fcra/small-grants/. Alternatively please contact any member of the committee.

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