There aren’t as many bees as there used to be.  Without bees and other pollinating insects, birds and other wildlife won’t survive.  Without bees we will find it harder to grow our own food.  Help the bees. Here are five tips of things you can do today:

  1. Putting up a Bee Hotel (Day 2 of their Bee-Friendly website blog).
    2. Find out if the plants you already have are bee-friendly.  Explore the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s Bee-Kind Flower Finder 
    3. Plan on paper how you could make your own outdoor space more bee-friendly with planting or by leaving areas of grass to grow longer and flower (Day 1 & Day 12 of their Bee-Friendly blogs).
    4. Make a safe Bee Drinking Station (Day 3 of their Bee-Friendly blogs)
    5. Get to know your bees (identification tools and sheets available on Day 11 Bee-Friendly blogs).

There’s more information at Conservation New Forest South and also on their facebook page Conservation Connection New Forest South, follow them on Twitter @ConservationNFS or you can leave your name and address on 07867502624 and the New Forest Bee Conservation will post you information.

Louise Heybourne recently joined the FCRA Committee as our Environmental Lead. Building on the excellent work of Ken and Ann West FCRA has committed to being more proactive in collecting and sharing information about how we can enjoy and live in greater harmony with our local environment. Louise has extended our usual conversations with the council from planning and noise complaints to learn from their expertise of environmental management. 































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