And now, if I may be so bold, 
I’d like to talk of hedgehog holes!
I hope that you don’t think I whine,
But hedgehogs, they are in decline,
In Friars Cliff we’ve still got a few,
(And in my garden more than two!)
But every time a fence goes up,
A hedgehog family gets quite stuck,
And every time a drive is paved,
Their situation gets more grave,
For hedgehogs need to reach our lawns,
They party there from dusk ‘til dawn.

And all they need’s a little hole
Within each fence to come and go,
And if you let them in at night,
They’ll fill your garden with delight
(And hoover up your slugs alright!)
So if in our vicinity,
a brand new fence is what you need,
Please put a hole in that new fence,
Help out our hogs!
It just makes sense.


Sarah-Jayne Taylor

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