One side effect of having such a stunning coastline as ours is that it attracts many visitors who discard vast amounts of rubbish. The council of course have many rubbish bins that are regularly emptied, but that doesn’t stop people leaving behind litter with little thought of the damage it causes to our beautiful environment.
To help clear up, a number of caring locals are often seen litter-picking during their morning/evening walks etc, But not everyone can afford to buy their own equipment. That doesn’t stop anyone ‘doing their bit’.

There are groups running organized litter-picking events, even during the summer’s restrictions.



Litter Free Coast and Sea

‘Litter Free Coast and Sea’ is a major initiative dedicated to reduce the impact of marine and beach litter, and
improve the quality of bathing water along the Dorset and East Devon coast. Within this, the Friars Cliff Group are one of the earliest, supported by Christchurch and East Dorset Councils. Volunteers run quarterly beach cleans where they survey what they find and develop local campaigns to reduce the litter and its impact.
Graham Higley is a long-standing local co-ordinator for this, regularly having in excess of 80 keen litter-pickers in attendance. These events are temporarily suspended due to Covid but will restart once restrictions are lifted. Further details can be found by clicking here

Seashorty locally organised and managed

These events are really well organized and, surprisingly, are enjoyable and even fun to take part in! So, let’s look at two of these groups and see how they work. Seashorty is a  risk-assessed council approved organisation for coordinating beach cleans. Run by Amelia, an enthusiastic local lady. She coordinates regular litter-picking events along the coast from Mudeford to Highcliffe. Amelia has self-funded all equipment necessary for up to 25 people per event.

You will find her at meeting points with a blue trolley full of yellow high visibility jackets, litter picking arms, rubbish bags and even a first aid kit, so she is very well organized and all gear is provided! 

The meetings have risk-assessed council approval and Amelia has 3rd party insurance cover.

At present the meeting size is limited to 5 pickers (yes – Covid again!) with bookings made in advance through the web-site. At the end of the designated activity all rubbish bags are collected by Amelia who takes them home, separates the rubbish for recycling etc, weighs them for record keeping, and then disposes of the rubbish responsibly.

If you would like to get involved in a beach clean, you will always be welcome to join any of the events listed. Some events do require you to register so please make sure you check before turning up. Dates will be advertised on the calendar

More details and the red tape details are at: click here and

FCRA thanks all those who litter-pick and organize litter-picking events for their wonderful contribution keeping our public areas attractive and helping to look after the environment!

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