For this issue we provide some top tips to keep you, your home and your finances safe
this Christmas:
• If you are going away, ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your property, for example to: Open/close curtains, collect  post, check light timers, park on your drive, put out/take in rubbish bins etc
• Keep valuables out of sight, lock windows/doors and keep vehicles secure
• Drink and drug driving affects real people, real families. If you’re out enjoying a drink, plan how to get home without driving
• If you’re been drinking, beware the morning after. Time is the only way to ensure you are not driving under influence
• If you are shopping online or browsing the sales, use reputable retailers and check payments are secure by looking for the padlock
• If possible, use a credit card or PayPal for online payments as it offers you a level of security
• If you are out Christmas shopping keep you purse safely stored and your handbag secured
• Always cover your PIN and never give out your personal bank details

Christmas is a busy time, but if you need us we are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Just remember that you can ‘AskNED’ or Do It Online instead – it’s quicker, easier and less stressful than waiting in a queue.

PCSO Sarah Burton

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