(a) Bird Boxes for Druitt Gardens

(b) Workshop Action!


The ‘Men’s Shed’ is a fast-growing movement that has recently found its way to our local community!

The idea is to establish community spaces for men to connect, converse and create, with activities centred on practical skills-based activities, typically undertaken in garden sheds.

The purpose is enabling men to get together, enjoy like-minded pursuits, gain new skills and contribute to the local community. Men’s Sheds are found across the UK aiming to reduce loneliness and isolation, and most importantly to rekindle that oft-forgotten joy around making and mending, and most important and element of fun. What a brilliant thing!

The Christchurch Men’s Shed formed in July 2016 and has a strong regular membership of over 40 men from around Christchurch, Burton and New Milton, with plans to grow further later this year.

A member of the National Men’s Shed Association, our local Men’s Shed is also a registered charity. The group has a workshop in Highcliffe at Greystones House but later this year hope to take on a much more spacious second location at the Old School House opposite Highcliffe Rec.

The workshop is equipped with a good range of hand and power tools, and members bring along a wide range of craft and technical expertise which they willingly share with others.

As a minimum the workshop is open Tuesdays to Thursdays from 1000 to 1230.  Members converge to manage their own or group projects, or just drop in to see what’s going on – always over a coffee of course!  Every month there is a light-hearted meeting to keep members informed of developments etc, and also a separate lunchtime social gathering (currently at the Mudeford Club, Stanpit) to have a drink, a bite to eat, social chat and laugh!  In addition, there are periodic visits to places of interest such as (recently) Bournemouth Aviation and Sammy Miller Museums, behind-the-scenes at Highcliffe Castle, and of course the odd BBQ, beer and skittles evening etc.

Overall the group is busy and has many interesting projects on the go. For example the benches originally located on the Highcliffe Castle zig-zag path are being moved, restored and relocated for 2020. Earlier projects involved relocation and refurbishment of planter boxes from the high street to the cliff top, bird boxes built for Druitt Gardens in Christchurch, building a storage shed for Highcliffe library, refurbishing community notice boards and many others.

Clearly, the Christchurch Men’s Shed is a super local activity, with a thriving community and great team spirit, so if it appeals why not pop along and take a look? The membership fee is only £15 per annum, plus £10 per annum for full membership of the Greystones facility. 

They welcome inquiries from anyone wishing to give cherished tools a ‘new home’. The tools will be put to good use in community and workshop-based projects, so do please consider passing them anything surplus – it is, after all, a very worthwhile cause. Should you be interested in joining, the details are:



John Pegram (Secretary) – 07547 922246

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