All Saints Church Hall, Mudeford



Apologies: Marianne Abley, Cllrs Paul Hilliard, Lesley Dedman

Committee Present: Charles Clark, Jan Peters, Peter Skeggs, Steve Alves, and some 35 residents.

Chairman’s Welcome:

Charles Clark (deputising as Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting. He updated us with the latest committee changes, advising that Ann West is the new membership Secretary once Sandra Price hands over on return from holiday. Also that Peter Hollick would help on the committee with no specific role.

Thanks were given to all outgoing committee members, Sandra Price, Patricia Whiffen, Mike Stannard.

It was apparent that neither local councillors or Police were present, Steve Alves to check if they have a standing invitation or need to be invited specifically each time? Action

Charles stated that he had met with the BCP Chief Executive who has set up a committee to align all processes to a “best practice” across Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch. Estimated to take 2 years to complete fully.

 Peter Skeggs introduced himself as the new Treasurer, and updated us with financials. Subs were about the same as last year, advertising up approx. 28% and with no outstanding debt, printing costs up approx. 3%. Result is an increase in income over expenditure with £18833.96 banked.


Update given by Steve Alves:

MCA application (8/19/1172) has resulted in approx. 130 residents objections, but with still 8 out of 15 regulatory bodies still to comment, such as Environmental Health, Countryside Management etc.

The next BCP planning meetings are 9th and 30th January, which is the earliest the application will be heard. We have heard rumours about possible amendments or changes but nothing concrete.

Pinebeach application (8/19/1148) which is the latest revision, has elicited 35-40 resident objections and only 2 out of 4 regulatory bodies having responded. It was noted that the previous planning approval for this site expires on 21/12/2019. This has not yet been raised at Town Council planning meeting. Steve Alves to check with planning department and local residents to see if the “new” policy of having to be “called in” by a local councillor will apply as the change in rules was implemented before the latest application. Action

All residents were made aware they could set up email alerts for any new planning updates or applications and to ask Steve Alves how to do this if needed.

Road Wardens

Steve Alves raised the issue of “losing” some wardens recently due to various reasons and asked for any volunteers for Caledonian Close, Avon Run Rd, Bure Court/Tangmere Close, Bure Lane 1-53.

Post the meeting, a couple of residents volunteered their services if no others who lived in one of the roads came forward.

Green Space

The green space behind the Beach Hut café was highlighted as needing to be protected from development, local councillors have been approached for assistance, and the MCA action group have also been active in pursuing this.

Also it was noticed that due to the very wet weather, the public toilet-cleaning vehicle has been driving across and damaging/causing ruts on the green. Residents were advised to ask the driver to keep to the perimeter if noticed. Action


Ken West identified the need to stop removing grass verges, gardens and hedges due to development or creating more concreted drives etc. Local wildlife is affected by such loss of environment. FCRA committee should request the council for a statement on local environment controls. Action

Parking/Yellow lines:

It was noted in the Forum that there had been requests registered with council for double lines in Avon Run Rd and Seaway Ave by unknown residents, BCP had done a survey but this is not a priority and will only move the problems elsewhere. Charles thought it unlikely that any action would be taken until BCP align best practice across the three towns. One resident didn’t want more parking restrictions, but another highlighted it all depended which road you lived, the closer to the beach the worse the problem.

Also there have been council cones placed at the bottom of Seaway Ave to avoid visibility problems for one resident exiting. Drivers had been ignoring these and moving them, which shows the contempt of drivers and the lack of management by the council as the traffic enforcement officer had not issued tickets. 

Charity donations

Former chairman John Ward had requested that FCRA support All Saints church to the sum of £200 for advent calendars for disadvantaged children. Also mentioned by one resident was helping with Fish and Chip suppers for the needy in East Highcliffe. This elicited a discussion on which charities if any the FCRA should support, and continued on from previous meetings where good causes were asked to be identified.

Hon President Alan Havelock, who was instrumental in creating our rules of association, stated that monies raised by FCRA were to be spent on behalf of Friars Cliff residents only. This included fighting unwanted developments, and not spending outside our area or supporting charities. This was a critical point and the committee were to discuss in conjunction with analysing the association rules before any decision. Action

The Forum magazine

One resident highlighted the new layout and content of the Forum, which was felt to be far superior to other magazines in the Christchurch area. Jan Peters was thanked for all her hard work in editing the Forum as well as the new website.

Footpath along cliff top

Ken West mentioned the poor state of repair of footpaths along the cliff top into the nature reserve, it did not appear to be maintained especially with the recent worsening climate. Unfortunately, with local councillors absent the FCRA committee should highlight to the council for comment or action. Action


Jan Peters gave a presentation about “A Centenary of Women in Engineering”, which was well received and very informative with interesting historical facts. 

Meeting closed

We retired for wine and mince pies and a catch up

Meeting closed

Residents 35
Committee 4: Speakers 1

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