Parking problems – update Nov 2019

Increased problems with parking and reported incidents of cars endangering pedestrians on Avon Run Road by mounting the pavement in frustration  have been the topic of many FCRA discussions and meetings. Problems worsened when winter car parking charges were introduced a couple of years ago. This was discussed at several meetings and discussions were summarised in the Forum and now on this website. Solutions are as divisive as ever. See relevant updates from the Forum and website. For minutes of public meetings, use the search function in the top menu bar and search parking.

Following discussion with councilors at the last two public meetings suggests that current plans to standardize sea front parking across BCP means that it is unlikely that free winter parking is going to return to our area. 

In consultation with residents and councillors, FCRA has now submitted paperwork to BCP to request double yellow parking restrictions on Avon Run Road and Seaway Avenue. Extension of parking restrictions beyond this has met with mixed views from residents.

Other key corners are to receive double yellow bars on the kerbs. Unfortunately, few people (visitors) seem to recall what these mean:

  • Single yellow bars mean NO LOADING within specified times on nearby posts. 
  • Double yellow bars mean NO LOADING at any time

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