Apologies: Jan Peters; Mike Stannard.



Cllrs Paul Hilliard, Lesley Dedman, Marianne Abley, Charles Clark, Peter Hollick, Steve Alves, and some 36 residents.


Chairman’s Welcome:

Marianne Abley welcomed everyone to the meeting. She advised that the residents’ survey on FCRA’s future gave positive feedback although few volunteered for the committee. Steve Alves (sec & head road warden), Peter Hollick (membership sec), and Peter Skeggs (treas) were recently appointed. Jan Peters was thanked for editing the Forum and setting up our new website with her son as his D of E assignment.

Finance position was stated to be in excess of £18,000 and all residents should try to identify good causes or legacy projects for the FCRA to support. Possibly including projects outside Friars Cliff such as “young carers” etc.

Treasurer position is being handed over by Christmas and Mike Stannard was thanked for his work previously.

We have a new website operational, just need to transfer domain ownership from previous owner in FCRA. If anyone would like to add articles then please contact any committee member. Charles our previous webmaster is bowing out but still available to help.


Minutes Approved:

The minutes for June 2019 were proposed by Peter Hollick and seconded by Charles Clark.


Police update:

Three officers attended, Mark (PC), Carl (PCSO), Sarah (PCSO), giving updates and answering questions:

Their main role is high visibility, covering from Stony Lane, Stanpit, Mudeford, Friars Cliff. Dealing with day-to-day issues including supporting businesses, Anti-Social behaviour, liaising with local councillors etc.

Burglary risks are higher when people are away. Risks can be reduced by neighbours not telling callers people are away, getting neighbours to park on your drive, cancelling papers etc. PCSO’s are happy to suggest security risks to a property if asked.

Anti Social behaviour on the grass area behind the Beach Hut Café has reduced due to patrols, only 7 incidents since April. Police do a lot of work on social media to warn youngsters etc.

Q – Have the merger into BCP caused changes

A – Starting to see some changes, sometimes supporting into Bournemouth but Inspectors focus to support our areas.

Q – Do we call 999 or 101

A – 999 if immediate threat/risk/harm, with 101 for less urgent issues. Can use Dorset Police website (some residents had used this and gave good feedback)

Q – Do they support local events such as Stanpit fireworks etc.

A – If we make them aware they like to support events to educate people.

Q – We used to be able to register being away for security reasons on the website but a recent call resulted in a statement that Police do not offer this now.

A – There has been no known change, this may have been an operator error. Police will look into this.

Q – A couple of local homeless people who were known to be an issue seem to have disappeared.

A – One has been rehomed at her majesty’s pleasure, also homing support may have been taken up. Cllr Dedman stated that shelter support teams are working well with no adverse effect since the BCP merger. There is a difference between rough sleepers and homelessness.

Q – Holiday parking continues to be a problem, why do Police not engage.

A – Only if the vehicle is causing an obstruction or danger. They have powers of removal if critical. But can only move vehicles blocking driveways if the resident is trying to leave. Both Police and Traffic Officers have resource issues.

Q – Horsebox parked for years at junction of Ledbury Rd, causing visibility issues. Police were aware but no laws are being broken.

Q – Recent car accident on grass car park, demolishing residents wall later than 22:00 hrs when car park should be locked. Four youths were seen to run off. Police were not aware but shown photos. Councillors were informed that recently council workers were measuring to replace the broken dragons teeth, which would have save the wall, Cllr Hilliard to look into this.


Matters Arising:

  1. a) Jet Skis: Ongoing Jet Ski issues exacerbated by the yellow buoys being deployed late. The skiers are now made aware of the regulations at time of launch. We continue to work with RNLI lifeguards, Police, and councillors. RNLI lifeguards do warn skiers close to shore using loudhailers.

 b) Yellow lines: Requests registered with council for double lines in Avon Run Rd and Seaway Ave, BCP have done a survey but this is not a priority and will only move the problems elsewhere.

 c) Promenade cycling, skating etc: Cycling, skating, scooters at speed continue to be an issue where they are restricted (Beach Hut Café area). Cllr Hilliard stated that this is a warning only offence, but as Bournemouth appears to have tighter control, he will liaise with them for potential changes. RNLI lifeguards have been advising cyclists etc but this is no real deterrent.



The MCA site has had detailed planning submitted (today) by local developers, Pennyfarthing. Steve Alves and Martin Axton provided an update including the application reference 8/19/1172/FUL where residents could object or support the application. Individuals within the same address can make objections. The Action Group will be advising residents ASAP on the process, including website links.

Pinebeach development appears to have stalled; Cllr Dedman stated that she has no registered interest in the development.


Councillor updates:

(Lesley) – The Unitary council has been formed with a very large “wish list” which has been prioritised, Christchurch has not been “left out” as some had feared. The focus on adult social care & health has been maintained with no visible reduction in service, however changes will come with further integration across the three BCP areas. Residents should look to propose young carers through the Echo under the Proud to Care initiative.

(Paul) – Summer issue of smelly seaweed resolved itself through tidal action before the council could remove, however RSPB have stated that seaweed on beaches is a vital part of the ecological balance. Loss of trees along the Runway was outside the councils control as on private land. The single tree removal in Mudeford wood was due to it being split. The small zig zag at Avon Run Rd is now firmly established with wild flowers and paths to the benches. The large digger seen on Stanpit Marsh was maintaining drainage to keep the marsh healthy. Two playparks have been refurbished and a new one at Hoburne opened.

It was acknowledged that the council often do not react quickly enough to issues, leading to residents thinking that the council does not care. Could all residents please first complain to the council with any issues rather than going to the press.

Council tax is starting to harmonise across the BCP areas in 2020 and the major change will be in 2021.


Open Forum:

Bad street husbandry raised, with untidy verges, poor street cleaning, litter in sunken car park. Beach hut café keep their section clean so why can’t the council? Also litter bins overflowing at holiday times now large bin has been removed.

Cllr Hilliard addressed this, they are not allowed to use weed killer so weeds constantly grow back, litter is swept from the car park, and the refuse truck could not handle the large bin so two smaller bins on site. Council trying to educate with “leave only footprints” initiative. Also Bournemouth appear to be more successful in this area so council will look at aligning how they do this.

Cyclists along the restricted promenade may be that they are not aware of the back route across the grass area. A possible signage change could address this?

The By-Pass was raised, but not much discussion as this is a big problem to address. 

Bure lane speeding traffic raised, especially when holiday pedestrians crossing from Hoburnes. Can we do something about speed checks? Cllr Hilliard had raised this last year with Police. Other options are train locals to use “non official” radar guns, or erecting a flashing speed “slow down” sign, maybe something for FCRA funds to be used for. Forward this idea for discussion between committee and councillors.

Residents were asked to visit any new neighbours and advertise the FCRA to them in order to boost numbers.

Marianne thanked the Police and the councillors for attending and their good work in supporting our community.

Meeting closed 21:10

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