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Pennyfarthing Homes of New Milton has submitted a formal planning application to develop the MCA site. The proposal includes 8 detached 2 storey, and 4 semi-detached 3 storey properties and a block of 4 storey flats, backing on to the nature reserve.

A public consultation was held and full details are available online at the PennyFarthing website. 

Local residents have formed a new action group The Friars Cliff Action Group (FCAG) to act as a focal point, sharing information and collecting residents’ views on the draft proposals.  To date the main areas of concern of the group are:

  • The density of dwellings on the site
  • The size, height and style of dwellings on the draft plans
  • The loss of preserved trees

The planning admin team has uploaded most of the FCAG 123 objections. The next stage is for the planning committee to set a hearing date when FCAG can present a summary of the objections in an allocated 5 minute slot.

The Action Group, separate from the Residents’ Association, welcomes all views and comments both before and especially after the planning application has been submitted.

Update 3 September 2021

Pennyfarthing have started a new set of plans. This time 21 residences, 3 story houses and 3 storey flats. The other application is still active.  The MCA action group will convene ASAP to look at the plans, and we will communicate as we did before.

For now, please have a look at the application by clicking here application

Planning application: 8/21/0783/FUL

Update 19 June 2020

Christchurch Town Council will be discussing the application on Tuesday 23 June. This is a closed meeting held via Zoom (because of COVID-19). The Action Group will be sending in a short presentation and  will attend via zoom to read out a summary of residents objections that the Friars Cliff Action Committee have been working on.

The town council’s recommendations will only form part of the process which will be decided by the full BCP Planning committee in due course. It’s likely that this will be on the 23 July meeting, again due to the situation we cannot attend or present, but will be sending in our objections to the planning committee to ensure they are aware of local residents feedback.  

The number of dwellings have been reduced from 29 to 26 by removing 3 detached houses. However the 3 story dwellings remain. 

 You can view the application from this link, note the amended plans within the documents tab. 

Ref – 8/19/1172

Contact: Steve Alves, 6 Freshwater Rd, 07590 500881


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