Appeared in The Friars Forum March 2019 

Marianne, as FCRA Chair, has been in contact with local Councillors regarding the Winter Charges, which were implemented in local car parks in Friars Cliff. This was despite Residents expressing great concerns at a public meeting in early 2018 before the introduction about the likely impact on parking in nearby roads in the winter season. We are experiencing this year the same as last year with cars parking day and night on local roads near the beach to avoid paying even the minimum parking fee. This is causing hazards and safety issues for pedestrians, difficulties for other car drivers and concerns that there is a real possibility of an accident happening.

To remind Residents, when Marianne raised this last year, we were informed that CBC could not report on the revenue from the individual car parks from the changes in winter car park charges.  Residents questioned this and asked if this could be monitored and detailed with a review of winter charges be expedited as soon as possible.

 Cllr. Claire Bath has recently advised that she has now been in touch with CBC Officers and the Chair of the Resources Committee regarding our concerns and she has asked to be on the Task and Finish Group for the Annual Review of Parking Charges.  Cllr. Bath has agreed to let us know about the timeline and process for determination and monitoring of parking charges, in particular Winter Parking Charges. There will be a public consultation period in advance of any final decision being made by the Resources Committee early in 2019 and it will be important for all of us to advise CBC of the impact on local roads and our individual views.


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