Apologies: Cllr Lesley Dedman.

Present:  Cllrs Paul Hilliard, Gill Jarvis and Grace Polson; Marianne Abley; Charles Clark; Jan Peters; Patricia Whiffen and some 30 residents.

Chairman’s Welcome: Marianne Abley welcomed everyone to the meeting. She advised that Lesley Dedman and Daniel Lucas (the new town clerk of Christchurch Town Council) were in a Town Council planning meeting, but attend later. Karl, our community police officer, was on his day off.

  1. Minutes Approved: The minutes for March 2019 were proposed by Charles Clark and seconded by Jan Peters, approved.
  2. Matters Arising: Karl will hope to attend in September. Other matters covered below.
  3. Jet Skis: There was an incident over Easter when a skier, without his safety cut-out line attached, fell off and the jet-ski ran into the shore. 40 known local skiers have all been spoken to by the police. The Council (BCP) will take to court any skier in breach of the regulations. Paul Hilliard advised that the buoys would be put out shortly. Other areas are stricter in enforcement, so skiers are coming here from elsewhere. The Council charges for use of the public slipway. Are the skiers made aware of the regulations at that time? If anyone has any problems on this issue, please phone Marianne.
  4. Local councillors: Figures were given for the makeup of the new BCP council:  36 Conservatives, 15 LibDems, 8 Christchurch Independents, 8 Poole People, 4 Bournemouth Group, 3 Labour and 2 unaligned. A Unity Alliance had taken control. Paul advised that each party has a role. It is hoped to harmonise the Council Tax by 2021 – if Central Government allows it. Paul is on the Planning Committee, so cannot speak on individual planning cases.

The Town Council has Lesley Dedman and Paul Hilliard representing Friars Cliff and Gill Jarvis and Grace Polson for Stanpit.  Gill said this was a new role for her, she has been involved with the Somerford Community Centre for 4 years.  Grace was entirely new to being a councillor, but wants to do her bit for the community. 

 Paul advised that the next BCP Planning Committee was next Thursday, hence the Town Council’s meeting tonight. The Town Council has a voice at planning meetings but does not make decisions..

 Speaker: Daniel Lucas, (Clerk to Christchurch Town Council)

Daniel provided his background experience as context: he had qualified as a barrister in 2004 but had gone straight into local government – working for Eastleigh, Windsor, Havant then Financial Ombudsman at Canary Wharf for 3 years, followed by Waverley (Godalming) and Christchurch for the last 18 months. He has been in role as the new Town Clerk since 1st April.

He is working his way through a large portfolio of assets that have passed to the Town Council on its creation. He has a precept from BCP of £27 per household, for which he is the financial officer in charge. He has been joined by Sue, who is the Mayor’s Secretary as well as his admin support officer.

The Town Council supports a Mayor; Lesley Dedman is the first, continuing on from being the last Mayor of CBC, to provide continuity. The Town Council is responsible for fully letting 3 allotment sites, for looking after 3 recreation grounds and for licensing events such as the Food Festival (which brought in 175,000 visitors, 2 objections!).

The earlier Town Council Meeting had considered drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan. It will cost £4,000 but BCP will be bound by its provisions.  The Community Infrastructure Levy paid by developers comes to the Town Council.

Daniel described the structure of the Town Council:

  • There is a Licensing Committee for Regulated Entertainment;
  • Resources Committee for Finance;
  • Employment and Governance; and
  • Community Committee for Assets (eg events on the Quay), their sale and purchase, including Allotments.

The Town Council website is in hand.

Daniel’s email is, his direct line is 01202 022479. The Town Hall is open to the public 8.30am to 1.30pm, Monday to Friday. Officers dedicate afternoons on preparing reports and other admin work.

Peter Hollick asked what area would be covered by the Neighbourhood Plan. Daniel will put a plan on the website, showing the area by a red line.

  1. Planning:
    • The Zig-zag is open and looking good; thanks to residents for getting the powers-that-be to do this. 
    • The disabled access to the beach slope near Pinebeach is also good.
    • Pinebeach itself, there is no movement, probably awaiting a new application.
    • The MCA site has been purchased by local developers, Pennyfarthing. They are consulting with local homeowners. The Planning Officers want a mixed approach. They are pleased with initial proposals, which show 6 big houses fronting the sea, a row of 3-storey town houses behind and a block of 17 flats on 4 floors up against the nature reserve. Some of the TPO trees will go. Parking issues need to be resolved. It is likely to go to planning in November

 Future of FCRA. Several post holders have indicated they no longer wish to remain on the committee. This includes secretary Lyn. An appeal will be made in the next edition of the Forum for new committee members. Jan Peters will also set up a survey online and provide a paper copy with the Forum to capture residents needs from FCRA.We urgently need new committee members to maintain the dialogue with local councils and stakeholders.

8. AOB: 

  • FCRA funds: FCRA holds some £17,000. Calls are open for Residents who are aware of projects that require support. We need suggestions for those who need support.
  • Contacting the police Chris White advised that the police phone system is presently poor. Their website invites “do it on line” which may get a better response. Marianne said that emails Karl direct.
  • Buses Gill Jarvis has a petition to get buses to return to Stanpit. Please sign it.
  • Winter car parking charges & yellow lines – these all now lie with with BCP. Chris pointed out that disabled drivers are not allowed to park close to junctions, but they do in Seaway Avenue. Paul will look into present position on parking generally.
  • Fire signage It was noted that the ‘No fires’ signs on the recreation field had gone missing. Paul said the police are trying to resolve this.

 Meeting closed 20.55

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