These minutes present a summary of discussion but are not necessarily representative of the views of a majority
PRESENT: Marianne Abley; Charles Clark; Jan Peters and Lyn Lever; Cllr Paul Hilliard;
Lesley Dedman:
APOLOGIES: Cllr Claire Bath; Trevor Watts: Sandra Price; Mike Stannard; Patricia Whiffen. 
Marianne welcomed everyone for coming to the AGM and outlined the Agenda The Forum produced by Jan Peters has received good feedback and she was thanked for all her hard work. 
Jan’s son Bill has been working on our new website, as a Duke of Edinburgh Scheme
project and it is looking very good. Jan gave a brief tour over the website and she
mentioned that the Forum would not go online, as not everyone has the internet.
Charles Clark was thanked for all his hard work that he had done previously on the
current website.
CHAIRMAN REPORT: Marianne advised the residents that several committee members are leaving and replacements are needed if the Resident’s Association is to continue.
The question was asked did the residents still want one. It would be discussed later
in the meeting. 

FINANCE REPORT: As Mike Stannard was absent Marianne presented the accounts and gave a brief report. The adverts are going very well and people are pleased with the way they are produced in the Forum. The finances are looking very healthy at £17000.

The subscription envelopes are being delayed until May, to see the outcome of this meeting.
LOCAL MATTERS: It was suggested that more respect to neighbours and environment would help with individual issues that have been raised.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The AGM minutes were agreed for March 2018 by Jan Peters and seconded by Charles Clark and signed.
MATTERS ARISING: The Community Policing in the area is covered by Carl, he has been attending meetings at Steamer Point and Purewell Cross roads, but has not been seen around the area recently. There seems to be more people visiting the area which is causing more parking problems on the roads near the beach. Residents are still complaining about smells from the Noisy Lobster which maybe the kiosk chip shop that is causing the problem. It is understood that Residents are monitoring this and liaising with the Council to see how this could be managed better – they are worst at busy times.
The Pinebeach Nursing Home application that was due to be considered at the Planning Meeting in February then in March has been withdrawn. Christchurch Borough Council will be no longer in existence after April and elections to the new authority will take place in May. The new Unitary Authority will consider all new planning applications.

FUTURE LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS: Friars Cliff is part of Christchurch Town Council and will have 2 Town Councillors in this area. It was suggested that an advert be put in the Christchurch Times another suggestion for an outside meeting in order  to attract candidates was made. Attendees complimented on how well the walkway down to the beach off Avon Run Road has been repaired. 

There are still problems with Jet Skiers coming in too close to the beach and causing safety issues. The Council and Police are aware of this and Residents should notify both if incidents happen in the future. It was generally felt that FCRA should continue as they represent local people on issues that affect our community plus will also be able to input into local Councils on relevant matters.

Dogs: It was noted that a dog warden is needed as there are concerns about dog fouling on the promenade. Paul Hilliard will raise this with council officers. 

Car parks: The car parks are not being used fully as it appears that people do not wish to pay 50p in the Winter and some car parks are not fully open either. Hence cars are blocking up the roads instead. It was agreed that an application should be made again for double yellow lines at Avon Run Road and Seaway Avenue with unloading restrictions at junctions or extend the Summer no parking limits to all year round. Avon Run Road have concerns over people walking on the pavements being hit by cars when they cannot get passed parked cars and they also present a danger to
other vehicles.
It was suggested that a Dog Warden and Traffic Warden be employed all year round and these could be self-funding.

OPEN SPACE: It has been suggested that the green behind The Beach Hut Café become a Village Green to reduce the chance of it becoming available for development. It was felt that an Action Group could be formed to take this forward.

Any Other Business

  • The MCA site: the council is still hoping to get developers interested in the
  • The Highcliffe Zig Zag is still on target for April opening in time for Easter.
  • The Country Park that is being planned by Stanpit recreation ground and golf course is hoped to be like Moors Valley with several walks laid out.


Meeting closed at 20.55hrs
22 Residents 2 Council members and 4 Committee members attended

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