Apologies: Cllr Lesley Dedman; Marianne Abley; Sandra Price; Mike Stannard.

Present:  Cllr Paul Hilliard; Trevor Watts; Claire Bath.  Charles Clark; Jan Peters; Patricia Whiffen and Lyn Lever.

Quest speaker Gary Foyle – Community and Recreation Team Leader.

Minutes Approved: The minutes for June and September 2018 were agreed by Chris White.

Chairman’s Welcome:  Charles Clark welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave apologies for Marianne’s absence and that Jan Peters and himself would chair on her behalf.

Council and Shadow Authority Update:

The Councillors gave an update on what will happen when the shadow authority takes over, it is hoped that the public will not notice any changes.  This will start from 1 January 2019 for local Government, to give time to appoint a new Clerk to take over in May 2019. A meeting is planned on the 19 December 2018 at Bournemouth University to discuss draft budget, Council Tax  issues. It is hoped that Christchurch should be better serviced, as more money is available.

11 December 2018 is the date that papers will be agreed for the management of current assets from Christchurch, including approval for cemeteries and allotments and the Mayors Parlour.

This will also include the approval of two Parish Councils, one for Christchurch Town Centre and the other Highcliffe and set up of the new structure. Candidates must apply by March 2019  in preparation for the Election in May 2019. [insert link here[]

Ward areas are changing from Stanpit and West Highcliffe and Highcliffe Golf Course  is the  cut-off point. Peter Hollick gave a list of the new roads which would extend the residential area included.

Trevor Watts hoped that the Friars Cliff Residents Association will continue as they are a voice for residents and also provide an invaluable forum for consultation. Unfortunately Stanpit and Mudeford Residents Association has ceased to exist because of a lack of support. 

This matter of FCRA future will be on the Agenda in March 2019 Annual General Meeting for discussion.

The police station development site

Aster Homes are supporting community plans for creating a Science and Discovery Centre and community rooms for meetings on the Pitt Lane Car Park site. There is support from the Planning Officers and hopefully some investment will be available. (Editor: see later article)

Consideration is being given to parking and also includes availability for a coach drop off point behind the site.

Speaker: Gary Foyle, Community & Recreation Team Leader

Gary gave an interesting talk on the roles and responsibilities of his team and what the team are at present involved in: shore line, playgrounds. These responsibilities will continue as normal from 1 April 2019.

Gary discussed actions being made to address recent problems.

Jet skiers have been a problem this year in our area. The increase in activity arose after Poole Harbour began stricter policing. There is a bylaw on vessels on the sea whose speed must be below 8 knots within 200m of the shoreline. These vessels must be fitted with silencers. The yellow buoys are only in place seasonally and define marked swimming areas and are policed by Dorset Police have been helping to solve  the problem. There is concern about long distance swimmers in the winter, when the buoys are removed and not wearing bright hats. This needs looking at.

The Beach Hut Café is extension work is going ahead, also the Life Saving Club are also extending their building, this a good thing for Friars Cliff.

The ZigZag path at Highcliffe Castle has started the repair work and is looking very good and hopefully it will be ready by April 2019.

Open Spaces:

Cllr Claire Bath and Chris White are looking into protecting the area behind The Beach Hut Café as a village green, they will keep us updated on the results they find out.

A.O.B: Patrica Whiffen asked for more road wardens for Bure Court, Bure Lane 107-123, Robins Way and Friars Wood. As a thank you to all road wardens a box of chocolates have been given in appreciation of the important job they do.

Jan asked for support on the Committee and to fill vacancies for Chair/Accounts/Advertising / Social Secretary. Also more committee members are needed to keep the Association going.

John Vale gave a vote of thanks for what the Committee have done for the area.

The meeting closed with mince pies and glass of wine.

Meeting closed 20.50

Attendance: 19 Residents; 3 Councillors; 4 Committee

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