Highcliffe Castle Zig Zag

Work is progressing on schedule to provide a new access path from the Highcliffe Castle grounds to the beach. Councillors Claire Bath and Paul Hilliard visited the site in December along with the Council’s chief executive to see what has been achieved so far.

The main supporting structures have been positioned several metres into the ground to ensure stability and this was considered to be one of the biggest challenges of the project. The Council are engaging with local residents on the look and design of benches and planting around the path.

The expectation is that the path will open in April.

Play Parks

The sum of £1.2million has been allocated to a project to enhance the existing play parks throughout Christchurch Borough. A period of consultation was carried out in October and November with local schools to get an idea of what people are interested in. Work is now being tendered for the improvements.

Plans include new facilities to be added at Mudeford Quay and Mudeford Recreation Ground. The four existing parks on the Hoburne Farm Estate will be demised and a larger facility will be installed at the Vetch Close open space. Additionally, the existing play park at the Mudeford Wood Community Centre will be enhanced.

Coastal Country Park

Christchurch Borough Council are progressing work to create a Coastal Country Park on land owned by the Council. The land stretching from Stanpit Recreation Ground to 2 Riversmeet golf course will provide areas of green space for a range of activities, for all ages. Stanpit Marsh is not included in the plans and will not be disturbed.

A new Country Park would be a distinctive amenity close to the centre of the town and will help Christchurch to preserve its image of being a prosperous town which celebrates and protects its heritage and environment.

New infrastructure including paths, benches, a fitness trail, play sculptures, education trail and interpretation is being considered. Enhancements to Ashtree Meadows will include secure fencing and creation of a pond, new benches and interpretation. On the recreation area currently known as Stanpit Recreation Ground it is proposed that the council will continue its current enhancement works, continuing to retain an open landscape for people to explore, whilst managing the vegetation to improve it for wildlife, by a reduced mowing regime and removing select vegetation. The existing visitor centre will act as an information and education centre for visitors.

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