At All Saints Church Hall, Mudeford

APOLOGIES: Cllr Claire Bath; Trevor Watts; Paul Hilliard; Lesley Dedman. Mike Stannard and Sandra Price.

PRESENT: Marianne Abley, Charles Clark, Jan Peters, Patricia Whiffen, Lyn Lever and guests PC Stan Mackrell and Caroline Roberts.

CHAIRMAN WELCOME: Marianne, as current Chair, gavea warm welcome to those attending and apologised that the meeting had to be rescheduled because of the snow the previous week. Marianne explained that this was FCRA’s 2017/18 AGM and there was short business part of the meeting to complete as well as the usual format of the agenda e.g. local Speakers and discussion forum.


Stan advised Residents that the crime in the area is still reducing with far fewer burglaries in Mudeford / Friars Cliff compared to last year.  Stan advised Residents to stay vigilant and be aware that burglars seem to be entering through patio doors or side entrances. Anti-Social Behaviour in the area is mainly speeding and there has been speed checks done in Bure Lane with two people found to be speeding. Andrew Hollamby has offered to be involved in recording speeding vehicles in Bure Lane as a Volunteer, which has been discussed previously and this will be taken forward at the next meeting.

Stan made Residents aware that the Pine beach Nursing Home was a danger to some youngsters who continue to keep breaking in. As the property is expected to be empty for sometime a watch needs to continue. Stan explained that he will be leaving his post in May and he was unsure regarding future arrangements.

Chris White spoke about Dorset Alert. It should be noted that to register the form on page 30 of the Forum should be completed and returned to Chris White 4067, Police Station, Fairmile Road, Christchurch BH23 2LB or email

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: Marianne explained that she had been elected as Acting Chair in the autumn of 2016 and had now been Chair for just one year. Supported by a committed team Marianne said that she enjoyed the role but at times it can be very time consuming bringing unforeseen challenges and demands. Marianne thanked the Committee Members of FCRA and also Residents for their ongoing encouragement, informed inputs and continual support in trying to protect and enhance our unique coastal community.

FCRA will continue to focus on being: informative and providing a discussion forum; social and entertaining by using local speakers and meeting others; giving a regular opportunity to discuss current matters. FCRA strives to represent Residents in a balanced and informed way and continue to strongly support the community spirit. It should be noted that Marianne represents Friars Cliff at the Alliance of Christchurch Residents Associations which work together well. If any Resident has a matter they wish to be taken to these meetings not just about this locality but within Christchurch Borough Marianne said she would do so.

As Mike Stannard, FCRA Treasurer, was absent the Chair gave the financial report for 2017/18. FCRA reappointed Jamie Donaldson as the Auditor. The result for the year shows a surplus of income over expenditure by just over £1500. Subscription income was £1847 and was marginally higher than contributions made in the previous year, which had been the lowest in over 10 years. FCRA have reminded Residents to please pay their subscriptions. The Friars Forum printing costs were covered by the income generated from advertisements placed in the magazine. The new colour look has been well received and the printing is still done locally, costing around the same.

FCRA held one social event in 2017, a quiz in October which went well and raised a surplus of £163. We made only one donation in the year of £299 that went to Messy Church for a pool table which had been agreed some years ago. In summary we remain in a reasonably healthy position.

Charles Clark spoke about the website and trying to keep it updated, and asked if anyone could support him on this.

Patricia Whiffen asked if anyone could help as Road Warden for Robins Way to contact her.

ELECTION OF CHAIR, OFFICERS OF THE COMMITTEE:  Charles Clark put forward for Marianne Abley to continue as Chair which was agreed by Chris White and seconded by Jan Peters.

It was stated that at present FCRA Committee Members are happy to stand again however Mike Stannard, Treasurer, would like to step down if possible so it was requested that another Resident come forward as this would be much appreciated. It was highlighted that there are still some vacancies and FCRA would welcome other Residents to join the friendly team of Committee Members.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST AGM 2017: The minutes were approved by Charles Clark and Patricia Whiffen. Minutes of our public meeting in December 2017 were approved by Charles Clark and seconded by Jan Peters.

MATTERS ARISING: To be covered in discussions on items on the Agenda.

AVON BEACH PROMENADES: The promenade work started on 22 January 2018 as Residents are aware and the Contractors are PT Contractors Ltd. The major works were expected to last eight weeks and the lower section of the promenade will be raised by around 900mm and widened in places. It is hoped this will ensure better protection for promenade and cliffs, along with the streets and properties above. Residents expressed concerns about a significant under estimate on the cost of works. Cllr Claire Bath was going to investigate this but FCRA have not received any feedback as yet. It was stated by several people that open and transparent communication between the Council and Residents should take place and examples of failure to do so were given e.g. the Zig Zag.

RESTRUCTURE OF DORSET COUNCILS: Residents are aware that the restructure of Dorset Councils looks like it will go ahead. As we heard at our last public meeting this proposal is backed by all Councils in Dorset other than Christchurch and there are mixed views from our local Councillors. Marianne outlined the timetable as she understood it and asked for others to contribute.

Whitehall will seek to lay a draft Structural Change Order before Parliament with a view to it becoming law by early June 2018. They will seek to gain the formal consent of the Councils. This order will be followed by several consequential Orders covering matters such as staffing, finance, assets and civil issues. Local Residents have informed the FCRA that the key major factors for them are effective community representation, good governance, ensuring sustainable services, getting best value and preserving local quality of life.

A Shadow Authority will be established as a means for preparing for the new Council. The membership of this will be all existing Members of the Councils of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. This is a membership of 54, 24 and 42 respectively. The Executive Committee of the Shadow Council will comprise of 8 Members from Bournemouth, 2 from Christchurch and 6 from Poole. The interim name of the new authority will be Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council however this may change. It is anticipated that the number of Councillors in the new unitary will be 76 with Bournemouth having 37, Christchurch 10 and Poole 29. The new electoral arrangements will come into place in May 2019.

It was agreed that FCRA will try to keep Residents abreast of future developments at our public meetings and through editions of this Forum Magazine. We will continue to ask for updates from our local Councillors to keep Residents up to date with implementation.

WINTER CAR PARK CHARGES: Strong concerns were raised at the previous AGM as to the introduction of off-season charging in some car parks and the likely impact on-street parking. We were assured that the County Council and the Borough Council would work together for a sensible outcome. However the winter charges have caused real problems around the beach areas. FCRA would like to thank Paul Hilliard as a local Councillor for presenting the case for charging to only be applied at Highcliffe Castle. Residents agreed that they do not understand why this was ignored and the resolution was made to continue with charging at Avon Run and Steamer Point car parks. Residents hoped this would be reviewed and reversed.


PINEBEACH Nursing Home: Appeal was dismissed and there is uncertainty as to what is happening.

MCA Site: There was no update on the MCA site.

NOISY LOBSTER Cafe: Residents across Christchurch were very upset and concerned that the latest planning application for an extension was agreed by one vote. There were 100 objectors and it was felt that the application was against planning and environmental policies. It has appeared to those who objected that agreement was contrary to the commitment given to what Residents said on the Coastal Strategy about no further development at Avon Beach.

Residents also mentioned some ongoing issues that cause concern as follows:

  • Extractor systems at the level of the coastal path generating fish and chips smell over local roads and houses.
  • Number of licenses granted for selling alcohol without food, which is understood to be a requirement of the lease.
  • Avon Beach car park gates being reopened after 22.00 hours causing noise and disturbance of café users leaving when CBC arranges closure.
  • Planned family wedding marque on Avon Beach with concerns raised over impact on the local area regarding number of guests, noise of music, traffic congestion and parking when local car parks close at 22.00 hours.

The Council has stated that it takes all concerns seriously and this is at times a difficult balancing act for them as landlord. CBC have stated they will challenge the behaviour of any business if there is evidence to trigger intervention and it is important that if it is felt that a nuisance is being created Residents report it and provide evidence which may later be relied upon if action is taken.

CYCLING WITHOUT AGE – CHRISTCHURCH:  Caroline Roberts showed a video on what she is hoping to get started in this area. That is to take older people out on cycles fitted with double seats at the front and people to cycle them around the area. Caroline is looking for support to get this idea started. See the article on page

Meeting closed 21.00

Residents 27: Committee 5: Speakers 2

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